Galvanized Measurers

  • 75-441

    1 quart capacity, 6-1/2" overall height. Labeled. 6/master

  • 75-442

    2 quart capacity, 9-1/2" overall height. Labeled. 6/master

  • 75-444

    4 quart capacity, 11" overall height. Labeled. 6/master

Painted Measurers

  • 75-662

    2 quart capacity, 8" overall height. Labeled. 1/master

  • 75-664

    4 quart capacity, 9-1/2" overall height. Labeled. 1/master

  • 75-665

    5 quart capacity, 9-1/2" overall height. Labeled. 1/master

  • 75-668

    8 quart capacity, 11-1/2" overall height. Labeled. 1/master

Plastic Measurers

  • 75-452

    2 quart capacity, 1" OD spout. Labeled. 10/master

  • 75-454

    4 quart capacity, 1" OD spout. Labeled. 10/master

  • 75-456

    6 quart capacity, 1-1/4" OD spout. Labeled. 10/master

Radiator / Battery Fillers

  • 75-025

    Radiator Filler. 3 gallon capacity. Impervious to oil, gasoline and antifreeze. Labeled. 4/master

  • 75-030

    Automatic Battery Filler. 2 quart capacity. Shuts off automatically when battery cell is at proper level. Labeled. 10/master


    Spout tip replacement. Bulk. 25/box.

  • 75-033

    6 oz. capacity. Ideal for all fluids including battery acid. Bagged. 10/master

Galvanized Containers

  • 75-750

    Radiator Drain Pan. Heavy duty galvanized steel. Pouring with anti-splash baffle prevents spilling. Rolled smooth edge and ribbed bottom for heavy duty strength. Includes handles. 8 gallon capacity, 19" diameter x 7.25" high. Labeled. 2/master

  • 75-751

    Utility Drain Pan. Seamless, full drawn galvanized steel. Rolled rim and ribbed bottom for extra strength. 3-1/2 gallon capacity, 16" diameter x 4" high. Labeled. 12/master

  • 75-755

    Drip Pan. Rugged galvanized sheet metal construction. Rust-resistant. Protects driveways, garage or automotive show room floors from fluid drippings. Rolled edges for extra strength. 17-1/2" x 25-3/4" x 1" high. Labeled. 10/master

  • 75-825

    Water Pail. Made of rust-resistant galvanized sheet metal. 12 quart capacity, 11" diameter x 9-1/2" high. Labeled. 6/master



  • 75-754

    20 Gallon Tire and Tube Test Tank. Rugged high density polyethylene plastic construction. Large enough to handle passenger car and light duty truck tires. Lip doubles as a splash guard and easy carrying handle. Tire punctures are east to spot against black plastic tank. 31" x 12" x 12" size. Labeled. 1/master

  • 75-760

    Small Plastic Drain Pan. With pouring lip. Will not rust, dent or scratch, easy cleaning. 6 quart capacity, 13" diameter x 4" high. Labeled. 10/master

  • 75-762

    Large Plastic Drain Pan. Tough polyethylene construction that won't rust, dent or scratch. Pouring spout and handle allow for easy, spill-free pouring. Rolled edge cuts down on splash, makes for ease of carrying while full. Easy to clean. 4 gallon capacity, 18" diameter. 5-1/2" high. Labeled. 4/master

  • 75-764

    15 Quart Drain Pan with Lid. This enclosed drain pan helps make oil changes mess free. The ample 8" opening and screen catch anything aimed in its direction. Seal-able top and wheels make clean up and removal a breeze. 15 quart capacity. 18" x 16" x 6" size. Labeled. 4/master

Lift Drains &


  • 75-835

    16 Gallon Lift Drain. For use with 16 gallon/120 lb. open head drums (drum not included). Includes telescopic funnel and tube (adjusts from 40-1/2" to 60"), float assembly, drum cover assembly and heavy duty caster base. 16 gallon capacity. Boxed. 1/master.

  • 75-836

    Transmission Pan Adapter. For lift drains. Heavy duty, high density polyethylene. Small diameter drain holes in bottom of pan prevent loss of pan bolts. Fits all Lubrimatic® and other popular lift drains. Labeled. 6/master.

  • 75-837

    5 Gallon Lift Drain. Telescopic tube adjusts to desired height from 40-1/2" diameter funnel. Comes complete with heavy duty 5 gallon steel container, telescopic tube and sturdy funnel. Boxed. 1/master.


    Replacement tube and funnel assembly. Boxed. 1/master.

  • 75-838

    Lift Drain Dolly. Heavy steel construction with baked enamel finish, ball bearing type swivel casters. All hardware included. Cross frame style lift drain dolly which fits the Lubrimatic® 75-837 lift drain. Boxed. 1/master.

  • 75-850

    8 Gallon Lift Drain. Sturdy plastic lift drain equipped with wheels, metal drain tube and drain pan with screen. Tube height adjusts to 48" or 63". 8 gallon capacity. Boxed. 1/master.


    Replacement tube and funnel assembly. Boxed. 1/master.


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