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Multi-Purpose Lithium

Multi-Purpose Lithium


Long lasting, hard working formula delivers high performance in a wide range of heavy-duty applications. Recommended for chassis, universal joints and other general purpose applications around the home, farm, or shop. Works best for lubricating rolling parts. NLGI #2, drop point 350ºF.

11312 3-pack of 3 oz. cartridges

11315 14 oz. cartridge

11316 16 oz. (1 lb.) can

11328 35 lb. drum


White lithium


Includes zinc additive for a clean, white color. Ideal for general home, shop, automotive, agricultural and industrial applications. Contains no silicons and can be used on plastic components NLGI #2, drop point 350ºF.

11350 16 oz. (1 lb.) can
11354 14 oz. cartridge
11355 35 lb. drum
11356 120 lb. drum
11358 3-pack of 3 oz. cartridges
11363 12 oz. aerosol

White Lithium

Corrosion control   marine



Special calcium sulfonate complex. Water insoluble formula ideal for marine applications. Provides excellent corrosion protection under severe conditions caused by salt water and air. Use on wheel bearings (includes disc brake wheel bearings), swivel hinges, pins, winches and anchor chain reels. NGLI #2, drop point 550ºF.

11397 3 oz. cartridge 3-pack
11406 8 oz. tube
11407 35 lb. drum
11408 120 lb. drum
11409 400 lb. drum (special order only)
11402 14 oz. cartridge
11404 16 oz. (1 lb.) can


LMX  the "Red" 



Industrial and agricultural lithium complex formula. Ideal under temperature and pressure extremes, shock loads and high wear situations. Superior adhesion to bearing and moving parts. Highly water insoluble. NLGI #2, drop point 500ºF.

11390 14 oz. cartridge

11391 35 lb. drum

Moly EP


Addition of molybdenum disulfide to lithium-based grease makes this lubricant especially effective for sliding motions, such as sleeve journal rotating shafts and ball joints. Contains extreme pressure (EP) additives to reduce scuffing, scoring and seizure with high loads. NLGI #2, drop point 500ºF. Contains 3% molybdenum.

11335 14 oz. cartridge

Specialty Greases

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